Welcome to Digraph Factory!! Use the “Digraph Maker” to make digraphs together as a class! It’s such a fun way to practice reading words with the consonant digraphs: ch-, sh-, th-, ph-, and wh-.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how to use this anchor chart to teach digraphs:

      • Start the lesson by telling your students that a digraph is a pair of letters that make one sound.
      • Next, hold up the two letter cards that make up the digraph you’re teaching. Put them in the “Digraph Maker” by gluing them on top of the machine image (see photo example). My students always enjoy making fun machine sounds after we put the letters into the “Digraph Maker.”
      • When the machine is “done,” glue on the digraph card (see photo example). Practice saying the digraph.
      • Make a list of words with the digraph.

     I hope your students enjoy making digraphs! I like to also give my students lots of opportunities for independent practice! This digraphs anchor chart packet includes a fun recording sheet! (You can grab it here.) I also like to use these spinner games in my literacy centers. (Check them out below.)

Happy Reading!