Every year, I do this “All About My Mom” interview with my students and their answers are SO CUTE! And hilarious! My husband filled this one out with my son…apparently, I’m 4 years old and only 2 feet tall. 😂 And he loves me because “I like to play with her.” Awwww! 🥰

     This interview is part of a Mother’s Day booklet that I know your students will love making! It’s easy to prep and it makes such a sweet keepsake for your students’ mothers! It includes a “MOTHER” acrostic poem, a “Portrait of My Mom” coloring page, and a writing template for them to write a story about their mom. Here’s a sneak peek!

     To assemble this little booklet, you can just staple it together. Easy peasy! OR if you’d like to spice things up a little, hole punch it, and then bind with colorful ribbon or yarn! Happy Mother’s Day!