Ok, this is hands down my favorite way to teach blends. We make “smoothie” blends and my kiddos have SO. MUCH. FUN. 👏 Here’s how I teach this lesson:

  1. Start by telling your students you’re going to make a {smoothie} blend today. You’re going to take two letters and blend them together.
  2. Hold up the two letters (fruit cards) that make up the blend. Glue them on the blender.
  3. Next, I like to act out making a smoothie with my students. We pretend to add the fruit, hit the power button to blend the fruit together, and then pour the smoothie into a glass. My kiddos really love this part!! 🥤🍍🍓
  4. Once you have “blended” the letters, show your students the smoothie glass with the blend on it. Practice saying the blend. Glue the smoothie glass onto the chart paper.
  5. Make a list of words that begin with the “blend of the day.”
So there you have it. Such an interactive way to teach blends! 
    This anchor chart packet also includes a recording sheet for individual practice. Click here or the image above to snag this fun lesson! Looking for more ways to have your students practice reading words with blends? You gotta check out this adorable blends sorting game (see below)!!

I hope these resources help make practicing blends fun and engaging!  Happy Learning!