Let’s talk CVC words! I like to use a construction theme to teach CVC words. We have so much fun “building” words! I start by showing my students a CVC word picture card and then we “build” the word together. (Aren’t these construction cards adorable? 🚧😍)

    I ask my students what sound they hear first in the word and then write the corresponding letter on the anchor chart. We continue this process with the middle and ending sounds. After segmenting the CVC word, we practice blending the sounds together and reading the word. My students have such a great time, they don’t even realize how much they’re learning! 😉 

    And of course, I make sure to also give my students lots of opportunities for independent practice! This CVC words anchor chart packet includes a fun recording sheet! (You can grab it here.) I also like to use these “Build a CVC Word” playdough mats in my game center. (Check them out below.)

I hope these resources help make practicing CVC words fun and engaging!  Happy Learning!