Do your students start getting antsy and restless before spring break (ok, really any break)? Or is that just my kiddos? 😉 I wanted to share some great ways to increase student engagement…especially if spring break is just around the corner!


Add Movement!

If your students are wiggly and restless, get them up and moving! I love “write the room” activities because the students get to walk around AND build their literacy skills at the same time! How perfect is that?? Check out this FREE spring “write the room” here!

Play Games

Students love playing games. Whenever I can, I like to reinforce the skills I’ve taught in class with a fun game. My kiddos don’t even realize how much they’re learning. 😉 (Need some easy, low prep games? Click the image!)

Make Food

Ok, food is such a great motivator! One of my students’ favorite writing units is my “how to” writing one because we write about how to make different recipes – and then eat the yummy food after! I have to say, all my students participate happily. 😉 (Click the image for this writing unit.)

Incorporate Technology

Our students are “digital natives” and have grown up surrounded by technology so I like to add a technology station to my literacy centers (or even as a reward). Boom Cards are a really fun option! (Click the image to try some for free!)

Hope these ideas help keep your students on task and engaged the next few weeks! Good luck! 😉