I’m so excited to share five FUN, hands-on Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your preschooler! Keep scrolling to read all about them! 


Design a “Love Bug” Craft

Your kiddo will love designing their own “love bug” out of hearts! To make this craft, cut out a variety of heart shapes and colors. Arrange the hearts to make a “love bug” and glue onto a piece of construction paper. You can use crayons or markers to add details to the bug (antennae, spots, stripes, etc.). You could even glue on some googly eyes. Get creative! {Click the image for a template of this craft!}

“Love Bug” Splat! 

This game is such a fun way to practice letter identification! To play, lay out the alphabet cards face up. Say a letter out loud and have your child use their bug swatter to swat the bug with the correct letter. Encourage your child to see how quickly they can swat the correct bug!

Letter H

Learn about the letter H! Color in this cute printable and even glue on some heart cutouts!

Counting 0-10

Practice counting with these Valentine’s Day clip cards! To play, count the heart donuts on each card and then clip the correct answer!

Valentine’s Day Lunch

Make a “love bug” sandwich! Use a cookie cutter or knife to cut a sandwich into two heart shapes. Arrange the heart-shaped sandwiches and a carrot stick into a butterfly. Peel two small pieces of carrot for the antennae. Enjoy!

I hope you and your kiddo have fun doing these activities!!