Well, winter break is over…and spring break feels pretty far away, doesn’t it? This is the time of year teachers could really use a morale boost! I have four fun, easy ways to create a positive work environment. I used them when I was an assistant principal and my teachers loved all the activities!


Birthday Cups!

Make your staff feel special by giving them a cup full of goodies on their birthday! These cups are so easy to prep! To assemble: glue a birthday label onto a cup, fill the cup with shredded paper and fun little treats, and then add a straw. Voila! You’ve got an adorable “birthday cup” to give your coworker!

“You’ve Been Tagged!”

This game is such a fun way to spread kindness and cheer! To play, the staff/teachers “tag” each other by leaving a gift for a coworker. You can play with the teachers on your grade level – or even the whole school! It’s up to you!

Snack Sign-up

Meetings are way better when there’s food, am I right?! Use this sheet to have the staff/teachers sign up to bring snacks for faculty meetings, grade level meetings, etc.

Teacher Luncheon

Luncheons help build community and foster a sense of camaraderie! I suggest scheduling a luncheon once a quarter. Use the sheet to have the staff/teachers sign up to bring a food item of choice.

I hope these resources can help you encourage and motivate your staff! To check them out, click the image below!