What’s your favorite Christmas read aloud? Mine is the Gingerbread Man! I LOVE doing a gingerbread unit with my kiddos every year! Here are some fun gingerbread themed activities you can do with your preschooler this Christmas season:



Gingerbread Lacing

This activity is a great way to build your kiddo’s fine motor and lacing skills! Cut out a gingerbread shape and hole punch around the edges. Have your child use yarn or ribbon to lace through the holes. Be sure to decorate the gingerbread with googly eyes, pom poms, buttons, etc. Get creative! {Click the image for a gingerbread template!}

Gingerbread Experiment 

What would have happened to the Gingerbread Man if he had gone in the river? Have your child make a prediction and then test and see what happens to cookies when they get wet!

Letter G

Learn about the letter G! Color in this cute printable and even glue on some gum drops!

Counting 0-10

Practice counting with these gingerbread clip cards! To play, count the cookies on each card and then clip the correct answer!

Gingerbread Sequencing

Bake some gingerbread cookies together! Discuss the steps to making the cookies and then have your child glue these sequencing cards in order.

I hope you’re inspired to do a gingerbread unit with your kiddos too! Have fun!