Thanksgiving lessons are so fun because they can revolve around food! Food is such an effective motivator, am I right? 😉 I’m excited to share five FUN Thanksgiving activities that all have a “food” theme!


Mini Apple Pies

Who doesn’t love pie?? These mini pies are so easy to make – and they’re delicious too! They only have THREE ingredients – mini pie crusts, canned apples, and granola! My kind of recipe. 😉 Don’t forget to top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Pumpkin Pie Counting Mats 

Build fine motor skills and practice counting with this fun activity! To play, look at the number in the box and count out that many cotton balls. Place them on the pie for “whipped cream.” Pretty cute, right??

C is for Corn

Learn about the letter C! Color in this cute printable and glue on some corn kernels! You may even want to pop some kernels and have popcorn as a snack!

Fruit and Veggie Sort

Thanksgiving is a great time to learn about different kinds of fruits and veggies! Give your child a variety of fruits/veggies and discuss the taste, texture, etc. of each. Point out the seeds in the fruit and determine which part of the plant the vegetables come from. Cut out pictures of fruits and veggies and have your child sort them. (Click the image to use these sorting cards!)

Pumpkin Pie Matching Game

Practice shapes with this fun game! There are two ways to play – as a simple matching game or as a version of the “memory game.”

I hope you found some inspiration and that you and your child have fun celebrating Thanksgiving and tasting some new food together!