Are you looking for some fun digital resources to teach reading and phonics? This “drag and drop” Boom Cards game is such an entertaining way for students to practice reading words with blends! Your students will love “making” different smoothie blends! I also included directions with audio so your students will know exactly what to do. This resource includes the following blends:

  • L blends: bl, cl, fl

  • R blends: cr, dr, gr, tr

  • S blends: sk, sp, st

    I have to say, I had SO much fun making this game and I hope your students will enjoy playing it!! Here’s a sneak peak of what it looks like!

     If you’ve never used Boom Cards before you may be asking, “What exactly are they??” Boom Cards are essentially digital task cards that are interactive, self-checking, and provide instant feedback! How cool is that?! They work great in a technology center at school or as a distance learning resource at home. They’re also a fantastic way to keep skills fresh over the summer! Curious to find out more? You can check out a preview of these cards here!

     *Please note: This resource is hosted on the Boom Learning website, so you will need an account to access them. Membership plans range from free to $25/year. You must be connected to the internet to use Boom Cards. They work on any modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge) and apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires.

     Love what you see? Click on the image below to snag this fun game!