I love doing a rainbow unit for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve compiled five easy, fun rainbow activities you can do with your kiddos this spring!


Make a Rainbow!

Place a mirror in a bowl of water at an angle (a compact mirror works well). Shine a flashlight on the mirror. A rainbow will show up on the wall!

 Color Sort 

Have your little ones sort the colors of the rainbow. You can use household objects – or these picture cards (click the image to grab them now)!

Rainbow Bracelet

Make a rainbow bracelet using Fruit Loops (or any other rainbow colored cereal). This activity is perfect for teaching about the colors of the rainbow, patterns, and for building those fine motor skills!

Rainbow Patterns

This is another great activity for working on patterns. Have your child place the correct color shamrock on the end of the strip to complete the pattern. You can also use objects around the house (blocks, pom poms, beads, cereal, etc.) to make your own rainbow patterns!

R is for Rainbow

Learn about the letter R! Color in this cute printable and color the letter R in rainbow stripes!

I hope you found some inspiration for a rainbow/St. Patty’s Day Unit! Have fun!