Have you read Froggy’s First Kiss before? It’s such a cute, silly Valentine’s Day read aloud! Without fail, it gets my kiddos giggling every time I read it! 😊 I have a fun assortment of Valentine’s Day activities that I like to pair with this story! Read on to find out all about them!

Friendship Letters

     My students always have fun writing a friendship letter to a classmate! It’s the perfect activity for a class Valentine’s Day party or to spice up a writing center! It’s also a great way to teach about the parts of a friendly letter. Here are some quick tips for this activity:

  • Before having your students write their friendly letters, first model how to write a letter with a heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature.

  • As a class, brainstorm ideas of what to include in the friendship letters (for example: why their classmate is a good friend, what they like about them, etc.).

  • The students can choose who they want to write a letter to, or you can have them draw names.

  • Encourage your students to add an illustration with lots of bright colors!

  • Optional: give your students envelopes to put the letters in! My students always enjoy decorating the envelopes with stickers, stamps, etc.

     You can have your students use lined paper, stationary, or even the cute letter template (below) for this activity!

     And of course, I also like to give my students some Valentine’s Day cards from me! Check out these adorable animal-themed ones (they’re FREE)!

Conversation Heart Games

     These “conversation heart” games will also make a fun addition to your literacy centers or class Valentine’s Day party! For these games, you’ll need heart-shaped cards with high frequency words written on them. You can make them yourself out of colored cardstock or you can use the pre-made ones in the image below (they’re even editable!).

     The first game is called “silly sentences.” You’ll need the conversation heart cards, a recording sheet (or paper), and writing utensils for this activity. To play, have the students make silly sentences with the conversation hearts and then write the sentences on the recording sheet. This game is sure to get your kiddos laughing out loud!

     The second game is a classic one – the memory game! Make (or print) two copies of the conversation heart cards. I recommend having around 20-30 cards for this game. You probably already know how to play this one, but just in case, here are the directions:

  • Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in rows.

  • Turn over two cards. If the cards match, keep them and then turn over two more cards. If they don’t match, turn them back over.

  • Players take turns following these steps until all the cards have been matched.

     I hope your students enjoy these Valentine’s Day activities! You can grab all of them (and more!) in my Froggy’s First Kiss Book Companion! Click the image below to check it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!