Have you met Super E?? My students LOVE this reading superhero! (I mean, who doesn’t love a superhero theme?! 😉) It’s so fun to teach CVCe words using Super E! Here’s how!


     1. Introduce Super E by showing your students this poster. 👇 (I created several versions of it. 😊) Explain how Super E can jump over a letter and help the vowel says its name.

      2. Next, write the word cap on chart paper. Glue a Super E card to the end of the word to make cape. (You can also call on students to come up and glue on the Super E cards. 😄)

     3. Draw an arrow to show how Super E can jump over the “p.” Draw a straight line over the “a” to show how Super E helps the vowel says its name. Model how to sound out the word cape.

     4. Continue this process with more words. (For example: can > cane, rip > ripe, not > note, tub > tube.)

    I hope your students fall in love with Super E too! You can grab this interactive anchor chart hereI also created a fun Super E center game to give your students extra practice reading CVCe words! Click the image below to check it out! 

I hope these resources help make practicing CVCe words fun and engaging!  Happy Learning!