I’m so excited to share some fun fall resources with you! Do your students love making craftivities? Mine always do! It’s so fun to see how each one turns out a little different and unique to the student. 😊 This Fall Writing Prompts packet includes a cute Halloween craftivity that also makes for an adorable bulletin board!

     This fall writing packet is also a fun way to introduce a variety of writing genres to your students. It includes opinion, informative, and narrative prompts – as well as graphic organizers for each one! Click the image below to check it out!

     What’s your favorite fall read aloud? Mine has always been Stellaluna! It’s such a sweet story and the perfect springboard for learning about bats this month! After reading the book, my students always enjoy writing a sequel about what happened next to Stellaluna. We brainstorm ideas together and then I model how to draw a bat (to the best of my ability 😉). Even my “reluctant” writers get excited about this writing activity!

     We always have so much fun with this story that I decided to create a Stellaluna book companion based on all the activities I’ve done in my own classroom! This book companion will bring the story to life for your students and will help build key reading comprehension skills. Click below to grab this goodie!

Happy teaching!