Ok friends, I’m going to share my very favorite Gingerbread activity with you! (Other than eating the cookies, of course. 😉)

      So, here’s the premise: The gingerbread cookies have run away! Help! Can you find them all??

      This activity is awesome because it not only draws on the students’ creativity, but also their descriptive language and problem-solving skills! And it’s just SO. MUCH. FUN.

      Important: Before you jump in, be sure to read The Gingerbread Man story!

      Kick off this activity by having your students decorate their “cookies” using crayons, markers, or even paint. Encourage them to add fun details such as: a hair bow, cowboy hat, moustache, earrings, scarf, clothes, etc. Get creative! **Note: Do NOT have the students write their names on the coloring page!

     After the students finish coloring, have them fill out the “Lost Poster” with a detailed description of their gingerbread cookie.

     Collect the gingerbread cookies and lay them out on a table or the carpet. Have the students take turns reading their “Lost Poster” with the description of their gingerbread cookie. The goal is to include enough descriptive language that the other students can help “find” (guess) which gingerbread cookie is theirs! This is such a blast!! The students do a great job using their critical thinking skills to deduce which gingerbread cookie belongs to each student!

     When you’re all done with this activity, the gingerbread cookies/posters make for a cute bulletin board or door decor! Enjoy!

     Click the image below to snag this fun activity!

     Wait, don’t go! I have another goodie for you – a FREE Gingerbread Baby Board Game!! This game is a fun way for students to practice reading sight words and it makes a perfect addition to any Christmas/gingerbread unit! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!