I love to integrate literature into my math lessons! (I’m all about read alouds, so anytime I can incorporate them into a lesson I do!) Are you the same way?

     These activities are seriously my FAVORITE way to teach math concepts because each one is tied to a picture book that covers the same topic! They’re also really hands-on so they keep students engaged. (Which is most definitely a plus! 😉) I’ve used these activities with my own students for years and they’re always a hit! Take a peek inside each one!


2D Shapes Mouse Shapes by Ellen Walsh

The students use a variety of shapes (and their creativity!) to design a mouse! They also count how many they used of each shape and fill out the chart. This craftivity makes for a really adorable bulletin board!

MeasurementInch by Inch by Leo Lionni

For this game, the students use the worms to measure each bird and then write their answers on a recording sheet. A fun alternative is to use gummy worms to measure the birds! If the students work hard, I always let them eat their gummy worms at the end! It’s a great motivator! 😉

Telling TimeBats Around the Clock by Kathi Appelt

Isn’t this bat clock so cute? 😊 As we read the story, the students turn their clocks to the correct time on each page. You can also use the bat clocks as a manipulative to help solve future telling time problems!

Skip Counting – Plenty of Petals by Michael Dahl

For this craftivity, the students build a flower and practice skip counting by writing numbers 10-100 on the flower petals. This craftivity also makes a great bulletin board!

Addition – If You Were a Plus Sign by Kathi Appelt

This activity not only ties in literature, but writing as well! The students make up their own addition story and then illustrate/write about it! My students always love sharing their stories with the class!

Subtraction – Who Took The Cookies from the Cookie Jar? by Bonnie Lass

This activity is such a fun one!! Students use cookies to solve subtraction problems! (We wait until the end to eat them, though. 😉) We always make sure to sing the song too!

I really hope your students enjoy these activities as much as mine have! To check them out, click HERE or the image below! Happy Teaching!